Saturday, February 19, 2011

Today, I Am Wisconsin State Senator Jim Holperin

Pleasure to meet you all.

My name on any ordinary day is Andrew Tisdel, but this is no ordinary day. Today, in the midst of the ongoing budget battle in Madison, Wisconsin, I have taken on the persona and role of one of Wisconsin's State Senators, Jim Holperin of Wisconsin's 12th District. I have further taken the liberty of publishing this video diary to the Internet and to the world, which will chronicle the thoughts and movements of Senator Holperin, as he remains on the run from law enforcement agencies on both sides of the Wisconsin-Illinois border.

Please note that I am not a representative of, or affiliated with, Senator Holperin in any form or manner. The opinions expressed in this video are mine alone and should be treated as such, i.e. as funny and good-humored. Hope you like it.


Emmy said...

Nice use of Saint-Saens.

Emmy said...

And Mahler 1!!!

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