Monday, February 21, 2011

I Have A Dream Job, And Its Name Is POLITICO

Why, you ask? Consider this picture, lifted from one of the several daily emails that Politico sends out to subscribers:

An "epic hive" of Settlers of Catan? The smart, committed political journalists of Politico also are into one of my favorite nerd-games? If I'd written a wish-list, it couldn't have asked for more than that.

Speaking of Politico, they're reporting that Madison has essentially come to an impasse. Walker won't give up on his language taking away collective bargaining rights, and the Senators hiding out in Illinois won't come back until he does. Politico also has a more insightful piece about how Wisconsin could set a precedent for like-minded governors. Labor has gone all in in Wisconsin. If it fails, passing similar laws in other states could go much easier for Republican governors.

In other news, ABC tells us what a government shutdown might mean-never say government doesn't do anything for you-and Libya has turned more than just violent.

Egypt, by the way, is on the protestors' side.

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