Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tumblr for a day: Get the hell off my desktop!

Photodump 2: from the Bahamas. Click to enlarge.

A fire pit that we dug on the beach.

Sperm whales! There's a calf in here somewhere.

Some sperm whale chomped off half of this squid. We found the other half floating on the surface. To wit: we fished it out, documented it, took it home, fried it up and tried to eat it. (I say 'tried' 'cause it didn't work. Apparently there's a right and a wrong kind of squid to eat, and this kind was unfathomably salty.)

That is the ship they used in the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. That's the Flying Dutchman. Disney owns a few islands in the Bahamas, and they brought the Dutchman there as a tourist attraction. Worked for me.

This disturbing creature is the conch that lives inside the famous conch shells that come out of the Bahamas. They're pretty good when fried.

I've never been sure what this is, but I think it's a tiger shark.

Pretty sure this one's a nurse shark, based on the tail.

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