Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Robot Guitar Birds: Best Idea Ever

It is my humble, profound and considered opinion that someone should invent robot birds to sit outside your window in the morning and play the sounds of electric guitars. Chirping? Forget that. Robot birds (R) can offer you a much improved wake-up experience, and even act as an alarm clock! And the complimentary jet propulsion system means you'll never again be late for class; just set the timer, code in your DNA signature and it'll find you anyplace in the city to wake you up and get you ready!

What could be better than hearing this song outside your window to rouse you from your slumber?

(The bird also comes with a titanium shield to fend off the rocks and other objects your neighbors will hurl at it.)

Just $199.99 now from Impractical Robots! No shipping and handling fee--just contact us and the bird will make its maiden flight right to your windowsill!

Operators are standing by!

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