Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chasing Dolphins in the Bahamas

Well, it's a lazy Sunday and I've got a folder full of junk I need to get off my desktop. Hmmm... photo time!

These are a combination of pictures taken about four-five years ago, when I went (briefly) on an Earthwatch trip to the Bahamas to help a scientific team look for dolphins, whales and other cetaceans. A few of them are mine, most of them aren't. You can tell mine in one of two ways; a) they will have the date in the right-hand bottom corner, and b), they will suck. Enjoy. (Clicking on them will make them 'uge.)

The street where we lived.
Our beach was exactly how you'd expect the Bahamas to look. That's our search boat in the background.
Like I said. Exactly how you'd expect.
That's our skiff; don't know as it had a name. It was substantially smaller than the whales.
Skiff, and clouds. We picnicked at a sandbar one day, which I think is where this came from.
Our first cetacean. A Disney cruise ship, way off in the distance.
A bit closer. See how it dwarfs that island? The ship was MASSIVE.
The island in question, closer up.
Fish!! That may be me in the background.
This is Eddie, assistant to the survey. A master of karate, and friendship to every one!
No, seriously. He was a master of karate.
My half of our surveying crew.
Our teenage liason bravely dove into whale feces! There she is, handing a sample to us on the boat.
Chez Science. Also, dog.
We went kayaking in what I think was a mangrove swamp. This is getting ready.

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