Thursday, October 18, 2012

Temporary Blogging Hiatus

Extended Editor's Note:

Today, I was asked to remove several posts from the blogosphere. I have done so. Until I can hash out the why of things, a) they will stay gone and b) the blog will be on a temporary FEMA Corps hiatus. You can expect some posts in the meantime--I have an excuse to post some of the backlog that's been on my computer for a month, like yesternight's Doctor Who paean, so that's something--but there will be nothing about FEMA Corps until I can get this settled. 

If you have questions, comments, criticisms or funny pictures of cats, please send them to my email address at 

As long as I'm speaking directly to my readers, I'd like to just say thanks for tuning in. I'm not the greatest at responding to comments immediately, but I do read and appreciate every one, and I appreciate even more that so many people have found their way here. Thanks again, all y'all, for reading.


AW said...

I hope that you can continue to post about FEMA corps. I've been waiting on a response to my application for months, and in the meantime I've been really excited to follow the information you've parceled out.

Anonymous said...

Who asked you to remove certain posts?

Andy said...

That was my boss--apparently they frown on posting details about the physical layout of FEMA facilities. Good to know.

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