Monday, October 22, 2012

As Douglas Macarthur Put It, "I Have Returned!"

I don't know how the world survived without me (hint: easily), but Tisdel's Tirades is back up and running as of this moment. It turned out to be a miscommunication with my boss that was the problem, and I know people generally use the sanitized 'miscommunication' as a stand-in for 'all-out screaming cat fight', but in this case I genuinely misunderstood what she was getting at. It turns out that the Department of Homeland Security frowns upon posting the physical layout of one's workplace online, which is a more than reasonable thing for me to not do. Just about everything else is, as they say, kosher.

So I'm back. Posts will come. Here are the three that experienced a temporary life interruption: "Daily Life in FEMA Region 4" (formerly "Daily Life at the Rock"), "On Misuse, Missed Opportunities and Just Dealing With It" and "Editor's Note and Updates From Atlanta". (One wonders if that particular euphemism would be common in a culture with practicing necromancers and a side of political correctness.)

Because several people responded to me putting my email address out there and declaring it open for questions, I've decided that's a thing I'm going to keep doing. If you don't feel like leaving something in the comments or want a longer or more detailed answer than I gave in a post, or have any questions at all about life as a FEMA Corps member, please don't hesitate to email me at and I'll take care of you. If you have a Corps-related question that you think a lot of people are wondering and you'd like me to write about it, I'm always looking for post ideas.

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