Sunday, November 15, 2015

Starship Troopers --> Aliens --> Starcraft: Follow the References

It's interesting seeing the relationships between the really influential sci-fi stuff. I haven't studied this, but you can see the lines of thought between Aliens (1986) and Starcraft (1998); the parasitic, human-corrupting Zerg are a lot like the Aliens, and several of the quotes of the dropship pilot ("Heads up--we're in for some chop", "In the pipe, five-by-five", appear in Starcraft. You can also see the loose, undisciplined behavior of the Aliens Marines in the Marines of Starcraft, who likewise cover their armor with graffiti and grumble "How do I get out of this chickenshit outfit?", another quote from Aliens. So too the tiny, red “BAR” sign in the Aliens colonists’ base, which is replicated dozens of times in Terran standard scenery. And the iconic shot of the Alien Queen advancing down the hallway towards the elevators is mirrored in the cutscene battle aboard the Terran science vessel, as is the whole close, frantic, chaotic fight against the Zerg in that scene.

Going the other way, I strongly suspect that James Cameron and friends read Starship Troopers (1959). Hudson's reference to knives and sharp sticks in his weapons monologue to Ripley echoes Sergeant Zim's speech between knife-throwing sessions, and Hicks falling asleep as the dropship descends through LV-426's atmosphere speaks to Juan Rico's habit of falling asleep "if you actually had twenty minutes of your very own... We were always several weeks minus on sleep." Rico even sleeps standing up during parade and trains himself to wake only when he has to move. Hudson also uses the Starship Troopers slang “buy it” to refer to death, AND the Marines ask if this job is “another bug hunt”, which is how Starship Troopers’ troopers call the fight against the “Pseudo-Arachnids”.

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