Thursday, January 24, 2013

Super-Ultra-Extra-Happy Video Promotion Post!

Hey all, 

So last Thursday or so, my Team Leader told me that there was going to be an all-Corps theme video contest, subject: "What does FEMA Corps mean to you?" I, of course, took this as just one more birthday present (I'm 23 now!) and started planning with fellow director Tiffany Chu over the weekend. We planned it on Sunday, shot it on Monday and Tuesday, and I edited (for three and a half hours) and uploaded it to YouTube on Wednesday night. If I do say so myself, it's kinda splendiferous, and definitely worth eight or so minutes of your time. Here it is below. 

All video was shot on location in Vicksburg (MS), Whitestone (NY), The Rockaways (NY), or various places on the road from one to the other. A couple of the pictures were taken in and around the Atlanta metropolitan area. 

I haven't done a video in a long time, so I'm really excited about this one. Hopefully it will not be the last one I shoot in New York, although the team would have to put up with me buzzing around with a camera even more than we already are. That's basically the story, so watch, share and enjoy! We're in the running for a $50 VISA gift card, and I think we've got a decent shot if I say so myself.

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