Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"11:00 PM to 12:00 PM"

I have some small familiarity with the concept of weaponized pathogens such as are described in the latest episode of 24, so I thought I'd give my two cents on the subject with the episode about halfway over. One, apparently Jack is a dead man. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is a rare neurological brain disease which is transmitted by prions. It is incurable and always fatal. The version of the disease in 24 has been modified so it can be spread through the air, the nightmare of CDC personnel.
Two, isn't 24 running low on WMDs? We've already covered nuclear explosions, electro-magnetic pulses and such before, and we definitely did biological weapons in either season 5 or 6. What next? Terminators?
Three, it still hasn't been adequately explained why Starkwood is doing what they're doing. It's like, OK. The whole nefarious scheme of Day 7 was based on Starkwood making deals in order to gain space to create and test the WMDs. What the hell are they planning on doing with them? Especially in this universe where the deals you make are uncovered in a matter of hours? They must know that the WMDs will be traced back to them, yet Jonas Hodges (the main evildoer today) doesn't seem too put out. What are they planning?
Four, who ever heard of a weaponized pathogen that wasn't contagious? This means that they want to send a message with a bunch of deaths, rather than just kill as many people as they can. So what's the message that's so important that you can risk your entire business empire, not to mention your lives, to send?

Oh, five: Is there a single person, anywhere, anytime that has gotten an executive pardon on 24 and not been immediately shot? Whatsisname who broke out Tony is a dead man walking. (Written immediately after the last commercial break. Will check back with news of death.)

Or not. The episode ends in a standoff involving miniguns, though, so anything can happen.

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