Monday, March 23, 2009

Greetings and first post celebrations!

So, as anyone who's read my notes on Facebook will know, this blog is an extension of the "note" service provided by Facebook. After writing more notes to date this year than I did in all of 2008, I decided to expand into an actual blog instead of just the semblance of one. For now, effective as of the next note I publish after the one in progress, all my content will be published on here first. I will be moving notes onto here that I previously published on Facebook approximately "whenever I feel like it", and updating two or three times in a typical week.

I will cover topics that are as varied as the things I can think of, which are quite a few. To illustrate that, here's a list of topics I wrote up this morning during English class:

-Ultimate Jargon: a translation of various terms used in Ultimate Frisbee. Currently in progress and will be the last note published first on Facebook. Is being published there because it is a companion to an earlier note.
-Terminator Quantum Theory Speculation: a cursory analysis of the time travelling done in Terminator and Terminator 2. (It seems lowbrow, but let me remind you that Terminator 1 was placed in the Library of Congress last year!) Since published.
-Half-Life of Comic Strips: an brief analysis of why comic strips lose their humor, and why some strips are able to maintain high quality for long periods while others fail quickly. Forthcoming.
-Differences in Music: an analysis of the different approaches to drawing an audience in used by classic rock and classical music. Forthcoming.
-Unpublished High Tide Note: an account of some of my experiences at an Ultimate Frisbee tournament two weeks ago. Since published.
-Linguistics and Catchphrases in Pop Culture: an analysis of why words slowly lose their meaning the more they are repeated, and what consequences this has. Forthcoming.

You can see that there will be variety here. For now, I'm probably talking to myself, but I hope to eventually garner non-Facebook readers. We shall see.

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