Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Terry Jones, You Are the Worst Person in the World

"Editor's" note: Sometimes, I post non-NCCC-related things; sometimes, my posts include strong language. If neither of those are your cup of tea, then this post is not for you. (Immediately after writing this, I ran into someone who informed me that her parents and grandparents read this blog. Hence this disclaimer.)

Dear Mr. Jones,

When an outside observer cannot distinguish whether you are unbelievably callous or just intellectually deficient, it's probably a good idea for you to step back and re-evaluate your actions.

Are you familiar with the phrase "waving a red flag in front of a bull", Mr. Jones? Do you understand what it means? Do you understand that your words and actions may cause riots--have caused riots, most recently today--that killed four good men? Are you capable of feeling an ounce of remorse for your incredibly stupid actions?

Let me break it down for you. Despite the hate-filled vomit you regularly splatter on television and onto your poor, deluded congregation, Islam is not a hateful religion. It is not a place for the stupid or the weak-minded or the callous or the vicious. But like absolutely anybody else, when you offend a devout Muslim seriously enough, you incite them to righteous action against the people who disrespected their religion.

If I walked into your church and pissed on your Bible, would you be perturbed? Mildly irritated, perhaps? If I came into your home and insulted your God, would you bat an eyelash? Or would you simply turn the other cheek and remind me of my sins?

Of course you wouldn't. You'd yell and scream and rage and probably put me in the hospital or worse. This is utterly and totally predictable. Red flag, meet the bull. And even if you were too thickheaded to figure it out the first time, when you burned the Qur'an in April 2012 after literally every major political figure in the country told you not to, the fact that twenty-one people died in Afghanistan due to your stupid, stupid actions should have given you two fucking clues to rub together. Can you really not know, or do you just not care, what you're doing and the impact it has?

Now you've decided to promote Innocence of Muslims, an obscure independent film that mocks everything Islam stands for and makes the Prophet Muhammad into a cartoon. And by the way, you're far from the only person to blame. How about you, Sam Bacile, the sick, twisted coward who decided to make this filth? How about you, you actors and crew members that helped him do it? How about you, the hundred anonymous Jewish donors--Bacile is Jewish, by the way--who funded this filth? You make me ashamed to call myself a Jew. You have put a huge, seeping stain on our religion. Congratu-fucking-lations.

But even with all of that bigotry and shame, no one should have noticed. Who the fuck cared about you, Sam Bacile, before today? You were nobody. You are nobody. You could have produced this slug of a film in silence and nobody would have noticed or cared. But Terry Jones just had to promote this film and get it international attention and now guess what happened?

Riots in Benghazi, Libya. Riots in Cairo, Egypt. Four people, including the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, are dead because you just couldn't keep your hate and fear and stupidity to yourself. And it blows my mind that the police can't haul you and Bacile and all of those donors in front of a criminal court and sentence you to prison, because that's where you belong. Four people are dead today because of you, four good people. Good fucking job. And good fucking luck learning to live with that.

Andy Tisdel


Rabbi David B. Cohen said...

Sam Bacile, AKA Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, got a twofer for his trouble. He enraged the bull, and managed to blame it on Jews and Israelis, to boot. In truth neither group, or individuals of those groups, had anything to do with it. Evidently, he's a Coptic Christian, who, in fact, do have a list of grievances toward Muslims in Egypt and elsewhere. Nevertheless, what he did was indefensible. He deserves every punishment heading his way.

When this story frist broke, I wondered if Sam Bacile was a play on "imbecile."

Andy, keep writing. You're an incredible story teller and now, as you embark on the FEMA program, you're going to have lots of stories to tell.
David Cohen

Kari Gordon said...

Andy Tisdale, WELL SAID.

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